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Here's our shared mission...

Great to have you and thank you for visiting us. We are Anna Sugarman and Richard Husseiny - life partners, parents and co-founders of The Conscious Life Collective. 

Before we share with you our story, we'd love to ask if you have ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • “How do I stop letting fear hold me back?”
  • "Am I happy with who I am? "
  • “Am I happy with the people around me?”
  • “Am I happy with what I am doing?”
  • "Am I happy with the way my life is?"

If so then you’ve come to the right place!

These are the questions that we think about everyday, and have become our work at The Conscious Life Collective.

Keep reading below to learn about our story...

Meet Richard

I'm a co-founder, coach, mentor, speaker, husband and father that is dedicated to helping you become who you are meant to be.

I'm a born and raised Englishman, with an Egyptian father. I’m proud to have helped many people open up to the lives they want.

This has included working all over the world with Olympic champions from different cultures. Through our trainings, workshops and live events, I help people like you tune into themselves and back it up with meaningful action to create results.

One of the things I’m often asked is “How did I get started in all of this?”

For as long as I remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about human potential.  I wanted to know, what exactly  is it that makes people achieve incredible things.

This led me to pursue a career at the highest level of Olympic sport.

Working with the best taught me an incredible amount about what the human body was capable of. What teams of people can accomplish when true collaboration is achieved.

But at the heart of me remained a gap in myself.

Lost in unknown anxiety, failed relationships and a searching for fulfilment in the external world. I was lost spiritually after dedicating so much of my energy into just the physical realms of life.

This gap become unavoidably apparent when I gave end of life care to my mother. The moment that changed everything for me. Deep grief, big questions of life and a paradigm of life that was about to be exploded.

And that the key elements that underpins extraordinary are actually very ordinary qualities, which anyone can utilise to their advantage in life.

“What happens when I die?”

"Are my perspectives absolute truth?”

These are just some of the key questions that began to circle round and round my mind.

After several failed attempts at reengaging back into the life I knew before, I realised that it was time to lean into myself and to open up to the possibility of more. From a life that was considered “the dream” to people looking in, I was on my journey to find some answers to life.

Pain and challenge of leaving my known led to freedom, excitement and love. I was transforming in real time and I could feel life come alive within me. I was being presented with opportunities and some answers, as well as many more questions to ponder.

This is where Anna and I met, and the birth of The Conscious Life Collective. 

“What makes me unique?"

I have worked successfully with some of the best athletes in the world.

I have been successful in these high performing environments due to my ability to manage stress effectively, together with inspiring and creating environments that encourage and support a persons development.

My main strength comes from being very good at building relationships, nurturing and guiding people to get the best out of the themselves.

My approach has helped multiple Olympic medalists and world champions gain repeated success on the world stage.

Which brings me to you!

As one of the Co-founders of The Conscious Life Collective, I'm here to serve.

Our company is built on a bedrock of love, a passion for what’s possible and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good.

Through our online training programs, live events and community — we’re in this to make a difference.

 To help you build a life that you truly love. A life that’s awakened to it's full possibility... a one-of-a-kind.

Whether you’re looking to make a big change in your personal life or become a true leader in your life, we’re here to help you reach the highest levels of your potential and tap into the deepest wisdom within you.

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Meet Anna

I'm a co-founder, yogi, mother, wife, entrepreneur, writer, humanitarian and eternal optimist dedicated to inspiring you to realize your dreams, helping make them come true via meaningful strategy to create results, and cheering you on en route.

Born and raised in the midwest of the US, I’m proud to have touched lives around the world through philanthropy, adventure and yoga.

My passions were so wildly varied that no existing job seemed inclusive of all I had to offer: design, yoga, creativity, spirituality, writing, music, entrepreneurship, fitness, philanthropy…

All over the place.

From working in boutique design firms, to being the first female designer in a corporate fashion company... To opening a creative marketing agency that staffed everything from philanthropic events to nation-wide promotions to Pre-ESPYs parties at the Playboy Mansion... To volunteering in developing countries around the world, to founding a yoga school and creating a globally recognized 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course...

I continued to prove to myself that life does not have to be traditional.

Some of the questions I’m most often asked are:
“How are your teeth so white?”
“Where do you get your yoga pants?”
“What launched your journey?”

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic remedy thought to detox the body, with a side effect of whitening the teeth.

My collection of pants is a curation of big brands to homemade gifts.

Wanna know more about my teeth or tights? Send me a message! 

Beyond the sparkle and shine…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an insatiable hunger for knowledge and adventure, and a burning desire to serve.

 I wanted to walk in others’ shoes – to feel their sorrows, to empathize with the injustices they suffer, and to understand what makes them happy.

I felt that my life had been so charmed – with a supportive family, enough food, a good education – that I wanted to share it. 

“What makes me unique?"

From an early age, I felt something simmering just beneath the surface. I didn’t know what it was, but I wanted it...

The connection I saw in the yogi with her eyes half open and lips turned up on the mat next to me in the first class I took... The union I felt at the ashram I frequented whilst living in Southern California... The expansive love and explosive heartbreak I held with the death of young a friend... The inexplicable bliss I experienced through breath work and yogic practices... The overwhelming joy I received in the most extraordinary moments... The depths and heights from which I returned after thinking there was no return – to the same place, a different person.

So I chose to seek it in beautiful, difficult, challenging places and situations – serving food to hungry, volunteering at homeless shelters, orphanages, prisons, hospitals, schools, places that acknowledge suffering, hardship and discrimination, and offer care to those in need. In giving I received.

Those gifts, that education, the adventure, the beauty, the pain, the joy, the total immersion into life – is infused into all I do now, my practice and teaching, creating and holding inclusive space to the best of my ability, the way I live.

Whilst on one of my self-imposed missions, alone, I met Rich. And voila – I was part of a team, a duo, a union that more than doubled my light, my effectiveness, my own inspiration and soul expansion. I was whole and we created The Conscious Life Collective.

Which brings me to you!

As one of the Co-founders of The Conscious Life Collective, I'm here to serve.

We believe in being authentic, vulnerable, and living in love. That includes showing and sharing your unique gifts, personality, sense of humor and heart.

We believe that we can all be happy, and that even the exquisite pain of life can lead to happiness. We believe that we can change our lives, and therefore the world.

This philosophy, combined with balancing upon a fine line between courage and naivety, and a lot of hard work and trust, have lead to our successes, realizations, bliss, and continued lighting of our steps upon this path – and our experiences will help illuminate the way to yours.