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Physical Wellbeing and Health Exercises | The 'FUN'damental 5 Home fitness Tests

In this video you'll learn the top 5 bodyweight movements that will give you a great foundation for your physical wellbeing.

These 'FUN'damental 5 physical wellbeing and health exercises will help you test your fitness level at home. They will be a base line for you to measure how well you move and cover basic qualities such as mobility, flexibility, strength and control.

[Training and workouts below]

We have used these tests as part of a comprehensive approach to help world-class level athletes medal at Olympic games.

So why would you want to do these tests and exercises?

The point of these exercises is to act as a measure for you. With lockdowns and restrictions on going, these tests help you tick off and measure important areas of your physical health.

You can see where your strengths and weaknesses are, so you can adjust your training program to address these.

Do you want to improve your score? Check out these graded exercise workouts:

Beginner Level

🌟15 minute mild yoga flow:

🌟15 minute mild movement circuit:

Intermediate Level

🌟15 minute medium yoga flow:

🌟15 minute medium movement circuit:

Advanced Level

🌟15 minute spicy yoga flow:

🌟15 minute spicy movement circuit:

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