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20 Minute Breathwork Technique For Your Morning Practice

breathwork Mar 25, 2021

Welcome to this 20 minute guided breathwork technique. This morning practice is ideal for anyone looking to build a morning practice at home.

You will leave this session calm, clear and ready to start your day. In this video practice you will be guided in:

  • Reconnecting to your breath
  • Coherence breath (5s inhale/5s exhale)
  • Calming breath (4s inhale/8s hold/8s exhale)
  • Energy breath (1s inhale/1s exhale x 20 / hold out 20s / hold in 20s) x 3 rounds

Use this gentle morning breath practice to start the day with a clear, calm, and energised mind.

Start your day confidently knowing you were able to dedicate 20 minutes purely to connecting to your breath and body and knowing that you have the power to connect and be productive with your own thoughts and actions.

Guided by: Richard Husseiny

Music by: Stellardrone

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