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Guided Breathwork Technique | Beginner Introduction and Breath Practice to Feel Calmer

In our attempts to keep evolving with these times, we are looking to bring more practical elements to you.

Today we bring you our second practical session diving into some basics of beginning a breathwork practice.

This is an ideal breathwork technique to reduce anxiety and feel calmer. You can do this technique when you wake in the morning, or at anytime of day when you want to feel calmer.  

In this video you will learn:

  1. How breath works and why it's so important.
  2. Brief understanding of stress and recovery.
  3. 3 Techniques to begin to reduce anxiety and feel calmer.

By practicing breathwork regularly, you will become better and better at regulating your stress response to feel calmer, healthier and more resilient to stress.

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Try These 3 Embodiment Practices To Get You Started (Become More Joyful and Alive)

embodiment Mar 10, 2021

For most of us today, disconnecting from our bodies and movement might feel like the only option available to us.

We privilege our thoughts and minds, without being curious about their relationship to the rest of who we are.

Doing this, we end up feeling out of balance with our ourselves, community and our world.

You’ve probably heard the term embodiment thrown around a lot lately. But what does it even mean? Don’t worry because your confusion will end with this video.

You’re going to learn:

  1. What embodiment is? 
  2. You’ll learn you why it matters more than ever?
  3. And then I’m going to teach you my top 3 practices to help you begin to embrace embodiment to be more joyful and alive. This includes a guided breath exercise so make sure you have a notebook with you for part 3.

Videos Mentioned:
The 5 Stage Path to Personal Mastery
20 Minute Guided Body Scan
Energy Centres of The Body Explained (Learn What They Are and How To Clear Them)

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Energy Centre Breath Meditation (A Deep Practice)

Welcome to this guided energy centre breath meditation.  This is a 50 minute deep practice ideal for anyone looking to clear energetic blocks and reconnect to your innate self. 

This guided breath practice will enable you to activate your autonomic nervous system so that the energy centres of your body and the energy field around your body become more in balance.

You will be releasing stored energy from within your centres, which can lead to a release of trapped emotion leaving you feeling lighter, revitalised and reconnected with yourself.

By becoming familiar with what each energy centre feels like and learning to balance and harmonise each one, you create a greater state of internal alignment and congruence as well as brain coherence. In this way, and through regular practice, you can unstuck from old patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour that no longer serve you.

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Fit vs Healthy: What You Need To Know (Explained By An Olympic Coach)

The terms being “fit” and being “healthy” are often interchangeably used in the same category, describing an ideal state we should work towards if we value a strong quality of life. However, the terms “fit” and “healthy” are actually two different states of being by definition. Both are important to live an optimal life, where people either embrace, ignore or define to various extents and measurements.

Personally I see many people achieving great measurable levels of fitness and then assume they are healthy as a byproduct. But this is very often not the case. An example of this is where an athlete’s drive can push those who aren’t familiar with principles of physiology, to unintentionally create anxiety patterns and chronic health issues that worsen with training.

I’ve seen all sides of this topic in great detail from coaching Olympic athletes, being personally addicted to training myself and now living a...

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Physical Wellbeing and Health Exercises | The 'FUN'damental 5 Home fitness Tests

In this video you'll learn the top 5 bodyweight movements that will give you a great foundation for your physical wellbeing.

These 'FUN'damental 5 physical wellbeing and health exercises will help you test your fitness level at home. They will be a base line for you to measure how well you move and cover basic qualities such as mobility, flexibility, strength and control.

[Training and workouts below]

We have used these tests as part of a comprehensive approach to help world-class level athletes medal at Olympic games.

So why would you want to do these tests and exercises?

The point of these exercises is to act as a measure for you. With lockdowns and restrictions on going, these tests help you tick off and measure important areas of your physical health.

You can see where your strengths and weaknesses are, so you can adjust your training program to address these.

Do you want to improve your score? Check out these graded exercise workouts:

Beginner Level

15 minute mild yoga flow:...

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How to Perceive Lessons in Life That Will Change The Way You View the World

spiritual basics Feb 12, 2021

So many of us walk around with low self confidence, constantly afraid of stepping into our power. And this is especially true for people with a newly awakened spiritual awareness.

The reason there is such low self-confidence and personal power is because our western culture expects us to be anyone else except for our true authentic self. We walk around fragmented with different masks on depending on the situation we find ourselves in to be accepted as a perceived “normal” no-one inherently is.

Imposter syndrome, the self doubt, fraudulence are how that shows up.

This idea is so broadly accepted until we begin to know who we actually are.

But here’s a wake up call for you… it’s impossible to materialise your confidence and personal power whilst perceiving through the same lens.

Without opening up to new perspectives and wisdom.

The spiritual path can be a lonely one, yet there is a wisdom available to each of us if we choose to use it. In particular,...

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Energy Centre Guided Practice (30 Minute Beginner Level)

Welcome to this energy centre guided practice. This is a 30 minute guided practice ideal for beginners or anyone new to this type of meditation.

This is a discovery into your 7 in-body energy centers. It’s designed to help you increase your awareness of those 7 energy centers, their energy signature, and to learn how to scan them and quickly bring them into a greater state of balance and coherence with each other.

To learn more about the energy centres within your body check out this video.

This guided practice is inspired by one of our great teachers Dr. Joe Dispenza, as well as Yoga philosophy and traditions.

By becoming familiar with what each energy center feels like and learning to balance and harmonize each one, you create a greater state of internal alignment and congruence as well as brain coherence.

In this way, and through regular practice, you can unstuck from old patterns of thought, emotion and behavior that no longer serve you. Practicing this meditation daily,...

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Energy Centres of The Body Explained (Learn What They Are and How To Clear Them)

Meditation is one of the most powerful daily practices you can do for yourself.

But meditation is a vast and very misunderstood practice in our modern western culture. For one there are just so many ways to do it which creates overwhelm for many.

I have so many people asking me how do they know if they are doing it right and that they aren’t sure of the exact benefits that they are going to receive.

Once I teach people the basic skill of keeping their attention on their inhale and exhale of each breath, I then begin to teach them about their energy centres of their body.

Here is a Guided Energy Centre Meditation ideal for beginners.

The reason I do this is because if your energy centres are blocked it can lead to significant conditions within yourself:

  1. Feeling anxious
  2. Fatigued
  3. And even lead physical disease within your body.

That’s right -  our energy body and health profoundly influence the quality of our life. From our health and wellbeing through to our...

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Why Extraordinary is Really Very Ordinary - Lessons You Can Use in Life From an Olympic Coach

personal mastery Jan 27, 2021

My mission is to make you aware that extraordinary performance is really just a very ordinary set of lessons you can use to live your fullest life. I know this because I worked as an Olympic coach for 16 years. Each and every one of us is uniquely extraordinary already.

The hardest part is remaining consistent and being comfortable with the discomfort of learning and changing. Being ordinary ruthlessly well is the extraordinary part.

Since moving away from Olympic sport, the areas of work I get asked to be part of fascinate me. I was recently interviewed by Sean and Matt at The Two Sales Guys, and I really enjoyed the great conversations we had.

The Two Sales Guys: https://www.thetwosalesguys.com/

We dive deep into topics such as personal mastery, flow, peak states, embodiment, end of life, stress, resiliency and what performance really means to me now - HINT it's not about medals!

Their mission on The Two Sales Guys is to talk about how to cope with the pressures of being in sales...

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Daily Self-Care Check list (Upper and Lower Body Strength Circuit Workout - 15 Minute Intermediate Level)

Welcome to your daily strength circuit workout that focuses on both upper and lower body.

Are you ready to improve your upper and lower body strength in this 15 minute movement workout aimed at beginner/intermediate level.

Ideally done after your meditation and breath work and before breakfast!

A challenging and balanced workout for upper and lower body mobility & strength, suitable for intermediate levels.

Follow along with the cues and work on building control and grace in your movement.

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