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3 Self Improvement MISTAKES Keeping You TRAPPED and UNHAPPY

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2021

Ever since we were young, we were told to excel in school, focus on getting good grades and ace our exams. 

In our 20’s that works just fine, because we apply that focus on excelling in our careers… that’s why you’ve achieved the successes you have in your life.

But then at some point between 30 and 40 we suddenly become aware that there is an expense to that pursuit of excellence. 

If we stay in our pursuit of excellence it’s only a matter of time when our health breaks down, we end up divorced and we barely see our children.

But if we are lucky we awaken to a wider view of life most commonly through pain - in my case grief opened my eyes to the fact that the excellence I was pursuing was keeping me trapped and unfulfilled.

Only then did I finally direct my attention into my inner development or otherwise known as self-improvement.

Truth is – you cannot run away from yourself. The farther you run, the deeper a grave you dig...

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How to Become Fearless and Trust Life (STOP Fearing Failure)

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2021

One of the main reasons why you don't get anything done is because of your intense fear of failure.

So today I want to show you the powerful way I overcome my fear of failure - by changing the way you view fear in general.

Becoming fearless and confident is easier than you think. By understanding what fear is in the first place it will allow you to become more fearless and overcome your fear of failure.

Life is there to be lived so dealing with rejection and knowing how to deal with failure is a skill you can develop!

In this video I want to show you how to stop fearing failure and become fearless and trust yourself by changing the way you view fear in general.

You'll learn:

  1. What fear actually is.
  2. How to take back control.
  3. How to let go of other peoples opinions.



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How to Quickly GET OUT OF A RUT if You're Feeling Stuck!

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2021

Are you that person… living a seemingly successful life yet you feel a now familiar heaviness and grip in your stomach when you wake up.

You’re bored, find yourself going through the same motions with very little excitement.

You’re becoming more and more aware of the negative thoughts you have that’s just exaggerating the problem - in other words you’re in a rut.

I have certainly gone through my fair share of ruts and low periods in my life before… so what I want to do with this video Aicha is give you a practical guide in how I get myself out of them.

In this video you’re going to learn four strategies that never fail to help me get out of it when I'm feeling stuck:

  1. How I utilise the challenge / skill principle.
  2. My go to strategies to change how I feel.
  3. How I acknowledge it and own it.

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How to FIGURE OUT what to do with your life if you're LOST

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2021

"People say you can’t change your career at 35 because that’s when you’re meant to be settling down. You can’t change your career at 38, you should have it figured out by then! What you’re not married at 40, what are you doing with your life?"

Who comes up with this stuff I have no idea, but this stuff plagues so many people I speak to.

So many people open up to me and tell me “Richard, I just don’t know how to change - is it possible.”

What I’ve come to realise is that it absolutely is - because I’ve done it myself.

I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life after I gave end of life care to my mother. I was lost in life and was terrified to move away from the career I had worked so hard to build - yet knew it wasn't fulfilling me anymore.

In this video I’m going to share with you 4 questions I continue to ask myself today to:

  1. To check in with myself.
  2. To help me break through self...
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The Art of Courageous Conversations in Life

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

In this video you will learn the art of having courageous conversations, even when it feels difficult.

Do you have issues in your professional and personal relationships that are weighing you down? Is your boss asking too much of you but you don’t know how to to let him know that you are not coping? Do you have questions that you want to ask your partner, but you are too afraid to ask?

If the answer is yes – then it is about time you had a “Courageous Conversation” – a conversation where you  speak up and express how you feel about these issues that are weighing you down.

Courageous conversations allow you to be authentic and enjoy much more fulfilling and meaningful relationships in your life.

So In todays video I’ll cover:

  1. Introduction
  2. Common reasons why our community members find conversations challenging.
  3. Understanding the traps that keep you ineffective.
  4. How To have courageous conversations.




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Compassionate Inquiry | Why We Get Sick with Dr Gabor MatΓ©

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2021

How often are you trying to be something other than who you are, hiding your true feelings, making excuses for how you feel and putting everyone else first before your own needs?

With a sharp rise in the past few decades in autoimmune conditions such as MS and in cancer rates, it’s obvious to see that our current mainstream approach to chronic illness is missing something when looking at the underlying reason to why we get sick.

I feature Dr Gabor Maté who is a renowned physician with decades of experience in exploring the role that stress and emotions play in illness and disease.

Understanding our emotions is a fundamental pillar to  the inner work towards personal mastery.

You’re going to learn:

  1. The missing link in modern western medicine
  2. The disease prone personality
  3. Mysterious power of disease
  4. Practical steps you can take to enlighten & empower you to promote healing of yourself and that of those around you.



Dr Gabor Mate -...

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How to Help Children with ANXIETY? #ASKRICHARD

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2021

Life as a child finding your way can be hard at the best of times. Yet there has been a sharp rise in depression and anxiety in an age of social media and now a global pandemic.

How can we help children with anxiety in the moment?

Learning and knowledge is important, yet the application and experience is what really delivers the changes we seek.

In this week’s #ASKRICHARD segment, I’ll be answering the question ‘How to help children with anxiety in the moment??!’

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  1. You'll be introduced to Sissy Goff, who is a pioneer in the field of raising children.
  2. You'll learn how to teach a breathing technique that's easy to learn.
  3. You'll learn a powerful technique to help bring focus into the body. 


Sissy Goff (Raising Boys and Girls): 

Guided Breathwork Technique | Beginner Introduction and Breath Practice to Feel Calmer: ...

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September 2021 Collective Update: Struggle, team human, new workshop series & more

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2021

Welcome to the September 2021 Collective Update which is a new addition to The Conscious Life Collective channel.
This is the Collective Monthly Update where I’ll be sharing the themes of the month within our collective community. The collective update is a way for us to connect more personally.
The themes for September include:
πŸ’« Personal Mastery: it’s ok to struggle
πŸ’« Something I am challenged with: busy mind
πŸ’« Book recommendation: Team Human
πŸ’« This months Guided meditation: connection
πŸ’« Make The Change workshop series starts Monday 7th September (FREE).
πŸ’« Personal Mastery coaching program opens 17th September 2021
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Finding Your Flow State of Mind [The 4 Stage Blueprint]

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2021

At one point or another, you’ve been in a ‘flow state’ (or ‘in the zone’, as some people call it.)

There are few things like the rush of getting into the zone, and once you’re in, you feel your best and you perform your best.

The problem is, getting into flow can be hard to conjure when you need it.

Although you can’t flip a button to toggle into flow state, you can take control of your environment to improve the chances of it happening.

Specifically there is a 4 stage blueprint you can follow to set up the conditions within your life to access flow more consistently.

In this video you’re going to learn:

  1. What is flow
  2. Why harnessing flow states is more crucial than ever.
  3. The 4 stage blueprint of flow to help you access flow in your life more consistently

There is a PDF workbook that supports this video which you can download HERE.

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Energy Work, Life-force and the 3 Steps to Healing Yourself! [EFFECTIVELY]

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2021

Energy work is one of the buzzwords that's made its way into the main stream of holistic health, yet so many of us still don't have a solid grasp on exactly what it is. 

Working with energy is a gifted skill, to some it may seem out of the ordinary, but really it is science-minded with a history dating back to the beginning of man.

These energies shape the way we feel, think and how we live. Energy gives life to the body. Dramatic shifts in healing are happening and being recognized around the world now by major academic institutions. 

So, in this week’s video, you’ll learn: 

 What is energy work?

 When to use energy work?

 How to use energy (3 step process to using energy effectively)

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