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Daily Self-Care Checklist (Mobility)

We've received some great feedback recently. One of the main themes that this community wants more of is for us to provide more examples with regards to self care practices.

So this week begins our Daily Self Care Checklist Series. Over the coming weeks we will be teaching you exactly what we do for our daily self care. Every video will include guidance and recommendations for how and when to practice.

Ultimately you will be able to use these practices as a mix and match to fit in with what works for you. Todays practice is mobility.

Welcome to this 15 Minute Morning Restorative Yoga Movement for Beginners. Ideally done after your meditation and breath work and before breakfast!

Do you have a job, a car, and a couch? Congratulations! Your hips are probably as tight as Mick Jagger’s pants.

You’re in good company because it’s the same for pretty much everyone these days.

Poor hip mobility can contribute to issues like lower back pain, knee problems… and it gets in the way of squats and other stuff you want to do! Your hips are the center of movement for your body, so the healthier and less restricted your hips become, the more potential your body has for strength, power, and athleticism.

That’s why we made this mobility sequence. It’ll help loosen your hips, which means less pain and better performance in virtually everything you do.


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