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Ecstatic States of Consciousness | Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up with Jamie Wheal

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

How can we reconnect to our deepest purpose? Practices of ecstatic states of consciousness can help us reconnect and reboot, allowing us to contribute to a collective perspective for a greater good of all.

Freeing ourselves from the individual patterns and past that no longer serves us is one avenue to personal mastery. We also face a collective crisis in both meaning within the world, and very real crisis with regards to managing the multiple existential threats on the horizon - from climate change to the toxic food system.

As we continue this series in understanding the layers of our personal mastery, the next profound teacher featured is Jamie Wheal who says: “These days we’re drowning in information, but starving for motivation.”

Reconnecting to our true self requires a multidimensional approach from the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels. And with that awareness, today we are looking at the spiritual and neurophysiological nature in how to do this - Mysticism meets science.

So in todays video you’re going to learn:

  1. The collapse in meaning we are all facing.
  2. How we can develop a new meaning.
  3. The 5 big triggers of peak states.
  4. Benefits and pitfalls that peak states offer us collectively.

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