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Embrace Vulnerability and Power with Brené Brown

personal mastery May 09, 2021

What are your thoughts on being vulnerable? Do you see it as a weakness? Are you scared of being vulnerable in front of other people?

There is nothing more frightening than the moment we expose our ideas and views to the world.

Yet if we refuse to be vulnerable and succumb to the fear of criticism, we will remain powerless in a world that now requires us to share our voice and stand for what we believe.

As we continue this series in understanding the layers of our personal mastery, the next profound teacher featured is Brené Brown who says:

If you’re not failing then you’re really not showing up.”

Personal Mastery requires a multidimensional approach from the physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and mindset levels.

And with that awareness, today we are looking at the emotional nature in how we relate to others and share our truth.

So in todays video you’re going to learn:

  1. How Being Vulnerable Leads To Freedom.
  2. From Individual To Relational Mastery
  3. Why These Practices Give Us Our Power Back
  4. 4 Strategies to manage the emotional risk of showing up. 


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