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Energy Centre Guided Practice (30 Minute Beginner Level)

Welcome to this energy centre guided practice. This is a 30 minute guided practice ideal for beginners or anyone new to this type of meditation.

This is a discovery into your 7 in-body energy centers. It’s designed to help you increase your awareness of those 7 energy centers, their energy signature, and to learn how to scan them and quickly bring them into a greater state of balance and coherence with each other.

To learn more about the energy centres within your body check out this video.

This guided practice is inspired by one of our great teachers Dr. Joe Dispenza, as well as Yoga philosophy and traditions.

By becoming familiar with what each energy center feels like and learning to balance and harmonize each one, you create a greater state of internal alignment and congruence as well as brain coherence.

In this way, and through regular practice, you can unstuck from old patterns of thought, emotion and behavior that no longer serve you. Practicing this meditation daily, or as often as you like, will help you to attain physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual balance and integration and quickly address any imbalance resulting from past energies processing through your energy system.

This meditation can help you create greater health, unlimited abundance, more harmonious and loving relationships, greater joy and happiness, success in your career, meaningful mystical experiences, and anything else that you want to experience in your life, including living in a state of gratitude, unconditional love, and awe.

Guided by: Richard Husseiny

Music: 1. Warm Hope (EarthPilgrim Mix) - Adam Shaikh 2. Away - Meydän 3. Elk - Meydän 4. Billions and Billions - Stellardrone 5. Winter Journal - Blear Moon 6. An Ocean of Galaxies - Stellardrone 7. Om Shanti Shanti (feat Maasa) - Adam Shaikh

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