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Energy Centres of The Body Explained (Learn What They Are and How To Clear Them)

Meditation is one of the most powerful daily practices you can do for yourself.

But meditation is a vast and very misunderstood practice in our modern western culture. For one there are just so many ways to do it which creates overwhelm for many.

I have so many people asking me how do they know if they are doing it right and that they aren’t sure of the exact benefits that they are going to receive.

Once I teach people the basic skill of keeping their attention on their inhale and exhale of each breath, I then begin to teach them about their energy centres of their body.

Here is a Guided Energy Centre Meditation ideal for beginners.

The reason I do this is because if your energy centres are blocked it can lead to significant conditions within yourself:

  1. Feeling anxious
  2. Fatigued
  3. And even lead physical disease within your body.

That’s right -  our energy body and health profoundly influence the quality of our life. From our health and wellbeing through to our spiritual connection.



So in this video I’m going to teach you:

  1. What energy and energy centres actually are?
  2. What happens when these centres in your body get blocked and how each one affects your life in different ways
  3. I’m going to teach you how to clear your energy centres and give you a guided practice that you can use every day as part of your daily self-care checklist


I’m now 6 years into my meditation journey. I have to be honest with you and say before that time I dismissed meditation and energy work as I was too arrogant and naive when I was working as a performance coach in Olympic sport. I was too identified with just the physical nature of life.

But death and grief have been powerful triggers for me to wake up to new ways of doing things… and I’ve also learnt and trained with some amazing teachers including Dr Joe Dispenser - which I highly recommend you checking out - his link is below.

In my experience of working with it in myself and others, energy work is the future of human wellbeing and health.

What is Energy and Energy Centres?

The human energy system operates via electrical, biochemical, electromagnetic, acoustic and subtle energy “fields” (magnetic fields, for example, influence the behaviour of physical particles without actually touching them). 

These fields extend out into the region around the body, nested together like a Russian doll. The heart’s field, which can currently be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers, is just one part of a dynamic system in which energy flow affects the way you feel, think, move and behave.

Think of each energy centre in your body as an individual center of information. Each has its own specific energy (vibration) that carries a corresponding level of awareness, its own emission of light expressing very specific information. There are frequencies that are associated with each one of those energy centers.

Each has its own individual glands, hormones, chemistry, & individual groups of nerves. Think of these individual clusters of neurological networks as mini-brains. If each one of those centers has its own individual brain, then each also has its own individual mind.⁣⁣

When you're in survival you're drawing from your field of energy to turn it into chemistry in your physical body—whether you're oversexed, overeating, overstressed, or all at once—the energetic field around your body diminishes.

That means there's not enough energy surrounding the body to give the proper instructions to maintain balance, growth, & repair. When that occurs, these individual centers no longer receive, process, or express energy, & they no longer produce a healthy neurological mind to send the necessary signals to the associated parts of the body where these centers innervate.

Those mini-brains become incoherent... When these mini-brains receive incoherent messages, they send an incoherent message through the organs, tissues, & cells in each area in the body that's related to each center.

there's memories stored in those brains just like memories stored in this brain that you have to shake loose. And there are emotions stored in the body that need to be released. Your body is a library of every event in your life. If you don’t resolve them then they directly affect your life.

Energy also affects how others experience us. Have you ever felt someone staring at you from across the room and looked up to discover you were right? Have you ever sensed a good or bad “vibe” from someone?  These phenomena might eventually be attributed to some kind of subtle energy. How aware we are of the energy within and around us, can impact our lives on virtually every level.

What Happens When These Centres in your Body get Blocked and How Each One Affects your Life in Different Ways?

Energy doesn’t actually get “blocked” in the body, it gets redirected and stored in various body tissues.  When we aren’t able to stay in-flow with the changing world within and around us and we go into fight-or-flight, our muscles, ligaments, bones, nerve tissue, fascia and even organs can store energy. Tension is really just bound up energy that isn’t able to move freely through our bodies because we’re gripped in a fight-or-flight or reaction–and that’s what we can feel as a “block”.

Energy centres are often described as a disk, vortex, or wheel that are the energy stations of the body – a centre of swirling subtle energy.  Each centre is positioned at different points in your body, from the base of your spine to the top of your head.  Each centre regulates aspects of your personality. 

1st Energy Centre (Root Chakra)

The first is located at the base of the spine. It is responsible for energy associated with feeling grounded and safe and represents characteristics of survival and your physical identity and is represented by the colour red.

When it becomes blocked:

  1. You may feel restless
  2. co-dependent
  3. abandoned.

Glands:  Adrenal Glands / Survival,  strong motivation, physical and mental resilience, a feeling of connectedness and inner peace.

2nd Energy Centre (Sacral Chakra)

The second centre is associated with emotion, including creativity and sensuality, and is located approximately 2 inches below the navel in the lower belly. It relates to relationships, sensual pleasure, and the connection between inner and outer worlds. It is represented by the colour orange.

An imbalance here may cause symptoms such as: 

  1. feeling numb to emotion
  2. having little control over your emotions
  3. feeling stuck in one mood
  4. It may be difficult to feel empathy and cope with change.

Glands: Gonads  / Creativity, a well balanced physical health, good connection and security toward oneself and others – a good outlook for life.

3rd Energy Centre (Solar Plexus Chakra) 

The 3rd centre corresponds to willpower, forming your opinions and beliefs, personal identity, and decision-making. This is located just above the 2nd centre in your upper belly.

Imbalance may cause you to be:

  1. excessively authoritative over others
  2. misuse power
  3. be manipulative
  4. or feel a lack of purpose.

Glands: Pancreas / Assertiveness & Power, a good sense of well-being, determination to overcome limitations and very much in touch with one’s emotions.

4th Energy Centre (Heart Chakra)

The 4th centre serves as a liaison between the earth and spirit and is located in the centre of the chest. The main feelings correlating to the 4th centre include love, compassion, empathy, and acceptance.

Signs of a blockage may involve:

  1. feelings of loneliness
  2. social anxiety
  3. and holding grudges.

Gland: Thymus / Love & Compassion, confidence, high level of empathy, openness, trust, love and respect for oneself and others, optimistic in life.

5th Energy Centre (Throat Chakra)

The 5th centre is located at the centre of the neck and is concerned with energy passing from the lower body to the head. Its function is to support the expression and communication of the individual. It creates feelings of purpose, the ability to express truth, and aids in verbal and non-verbal communication.

A blockage here may:

  1. hinder one’s ability to recognise truth
  2. and refrain from communicating your needs to others.

Gland: Thyroid / Expressiveness, a high degree of responsibility, good communication skills, a sense of abundance and wealth of ideas.

6th Energy Centre (Third Eye Chakra)

The 6th energy centre is located between the eyebrows and acts as the centre for intuition and foresight.

Characteristics encompass traits such as:

  1. wisdom
  2. creative and spiritual motivation
  3. Clear vision.

Gland: Pituitary / Vision, a sense of centeredness, the balance of feminine and masculine qualities, the gift of intuitive vision, contact with one’s inner guidance and contact with one’s inner guidance.

7th Energy Centre (Crown Chakra)

The 7th centre allows you to experience a higher level of awareness and is located at the top of the head.

Some of the behavioural characteristics include:

  1. enhanced awareness
  2. bliss
  3. presence
  4. Deep knowing or realisation.

A blockage may cause symptoms such as loneliness, lack of direction, and feeling spiritually disconnected.

Gland: Pineal, Connectedness to the Universe – Unity, an experience of cosmic oneness, extreme clarity, strong feelings of wholeness and oneness, a potential for profound healing and restructuring of body and mind.

How to Clear Your Energy Centres

Your awareness is a valuable commodity. To release the energy that has been bound up in our bodies and return to a state of Energetic Flow, we first have to shift out of the fight-or-flight state.  As we do so, and our parasympathetic nervous system finally kicks in, our bodies begin to relax, let go and finally release that stored energy–which might express in the form of movement, sound, heat, vibration or wavelike motions.

Through energy centre meditation and other breath exercises, you’ll learn how to direct your focus to different areas of the body, different energy centers, and even new sources of light and information.

Many people think that this focus can only be developed after years of diligent practice, but the truth is that there is a simple way to dramatically increase your awareness instantly, just by managing how to direct your focus.


There are two primary types of focus.

Convergent focus is what we generally think of when we think about focus and concentration. It is a consolidating of our attention onto specific objects or ideas. Whenever you sit down to do a task at work, speak an idea, or even look at something in the physical world, you are working with convergent focus. Your attention quite literally narrows in (it converges) on a specific frequency of energy, which you see, hear, or otherwise experience in the physical world.

By contrast, divergent focus is the act of broadening your attention to experience a higher awareness of energy, rather than physical matter. In a sense, divergent focus represents a scattering of your consciousness, because you aren’t zoned in on any specific object, but I think it’s better to conceptualize it as a focus on space, stillness, or energy.

You can also think of these two types of focus as placing your attention on different characteristics of energy and matter. In physics, there is the wave-particle duality (which explains how electrons can either be observed as a particle or as a wave). Convergent focus might be thought of as the observation of electrons in a particle-state, while divergent focus represents the observation of electrons in their wave-state.

Fortunately, you don’t have to understand quantum physics in order to apply this concept to your daily life. However you think of the distinction, engaging with it will help you to raise your energy and experience a higher perspective on your world.

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