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How To Improve Your Decision Making: Part 1 - Your Body is Talking To You

success practices Dec 09, 2020

When you make decisions in life, are you always filled with doubt before you make them?
Or are you clear most of the time with regards to what the right decision is for you?
Today I’m going to teach you a process to strengthen the quality of the decisions you make.
We need to find a way to be able to use all that is available to us to get clarity and define our own truth - rather than giving your power away and doing what other people tell you is best or right.
Especially with the current polarisation in your news feeds.
To break that down, we have our mind and thoughts and we have our body and feelings. We are all used to our endless nagging inner talk going round and round all day.
But how tuned in are you with your body?
This week is Part 1 in how to improve your decision making. What I see so often is how disconnected people are from their bodies. I was for so much of my life, and one of my biggest limitations when I was working in Olympic sport was that I never considered the body to be intelligent. I used to see it as just a machine.
A huge error
Yet our body is our ship that carries us through this life. And it contains undeniable truth with in it if we can connect to it.
Today I’m going to introduce you to the 80/20 rule and teach you how to use it to get more clarity in your decision making.

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