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How to Perceive Lessons in Life That Will Change The Way You View the World

spiritual basics Feb 12, 2021

So many of us walk around with low self confidence, constantly afraid of stepping into our power. And this is especially true for people with a newly awakened spiritual awareness.

The reason there is such low self-confidence and personal power is because our western culture expects us to be anyone else except for our true authentic self. We walk around fragmented with different masks on depending on the situation we find ourselves in to be accepted as a perceived “normal” no-one inherently is.

Imposter syndrome, the self doubt, fraudulence are how that shows up.

This idea is so broadly accepted until we begin to know who we actually are.

But here’s a wake up call for you… it’s impossible to materialise your confidence and personal power whilst perceiving through the same lens.

Without opening up to new perspectives and wisdom.

The spiritual path can be a lonely one, yet there is a wisdom available to each of us if we choose to use it. In particular, the wisdom of indigenous cultures contains a richness that can help us balance our modern life.

So in this video I’m going to teach you:

  1. Where confidence and personal power actually comes from
  2. Why we need to incorporate indigenous wisdom to add balance to our modern lives
  3. I’m going to teach you 4 powerful perspectives that will allow you to perceive your life in new ways and help you build self confidence and personal power quickly.

I can tell you first hand how life changing indigenous wisdom is when you apply it into your life. My spiritual awakening came after giving end of life care to my mum. Not only that, I was given a serious health diagnosis 2 years after.

Something deep within me knew that there was something missing from the western medical perspective that I was being told. Baring in mind I’d gained a masters of science and was working in Olympic sport.

I trusted myself and worked closely with a shamanic energy worker who is now a dear friend.


I want to define self-confidence and personal power so we are all on the same page:


“When you accept and trust yourself and believe in your own abilities and skills.”

Authentic personal power:

“Your ability to influence on a variety of levels.” Personal power could be seen as mental toughness.

The distorted view of power is that it’s:

  • Aggressive
  • Someone looses when you gain
  • Enforcing your power on someone else
  • Often linked to misuse of power

This is a misunderstanding of authentic power and leads to many stepping away from their own personal power as they don’t resonate with that definition.

If you feel uncomfortable talking about power then it’s time to clear your definition up. There is nothing wrong with authentic personal power.


Authentic personal power (extra definition):

“Your own ability to stand in your own soul truth, no matter what.” Very pure, natural, compassionate, uplifting etc non aggressive

It’s important to point out that self-confidence and authentic power is multifaceted. The majority of advice out there focuses on psychology. Yet these qualities begin in your energy system.

I’m not going to talk about working with your energy centres as I’ve talked about that in 2 separate videos.

  1. Energy Centres of The Body Explained (Learn What They Are and How To Clear Them):‚Äč 
  2. 30 Minute Guided Energy Centre Practice:

This step is really important in unlocking your confidence and power, and is one of the foundational steps you need to do.

Why we need to incorporate indigenous wisdom into our lives

We’ve lost our way, disconnected from nature and our intuitive wisdom. If you spend any amount of time watching nature, you’ll see that change is the only constant. Adaptation is the glue that keeps nature balanced.

The seasons come and go, the change that happens to animals, trees and weather are unmistakable. Our western culture makes no change at all. Our work loads and our to do lists feed into an already overloaded nervous system. We don’t accept the change around us, despite feeling the intuitive messages of slow down and change with the tide.

Yet intuitive wisdom is at the heart of who we are as spiritual beings and why indigenous cultures don’t have a sense of needing to improve themselves.

Our disconnection from our spiritual nature leaves us with a sense of lack and the reason why we perceive challenges in life as problems. There is such strength in understanding the richness of indigenous wisdom & striking a balance with our modern life.

Indigenous cultures are keen observers of nature. They understand that the survival needs of a bee can best be met at a higher level by the hive, and the wellbeing of an ant can best be assured by its colony.

To them, the beehive and ant colony are simply examples of indigenous alchemy, of how life seeks higher levels of order and complexity by creating these collective beings we know as anthills and beehives.


4 powerful perspectives that will help you build self confidence and personal power quickly.

The Shamans of the Amazon engage the world through four perceptual levels, where each level is linked with an archetype animal, an energy centre, a compass point, and is associated with one of the four energetic bodies that make up the human energy field.

When a Shaman wants to solve a problem, they work up to a higher level of perception, where solutions are readily available. In other words they solve their problems like bees at the level of the hive.

  • the physical world (the body)
  • the realm of thoughts and ideas (mind)
  • the realm of myth (soul)
  • the world of spirit (energy).

When we shift our perception to a higher level, we can transform the myriad of challenges we’re facing in our lives — we come to understand that what we perceive as a problem in one sphere is actually an opportunity at the level above it.

This greatly enhances the level of our self confidence and authentic power as we take control rather than remain the victim. We become free to see multiple perspectives at a time.


The 4 powerful Perspectives


The physical world (the body) is represented by Serpent. The serpent is an instinctual creature whose extraordinary senses can tell it where there’s food or where there’s danger. Similarly, in the physical realm, we humans rely on our senses to give us a picture of ourselves and the world.

When you see problems exclusively through the eyes of Serpent, you try to come up with physical solutions. You want to change the job, find a new partner, or in extreme situations have an affair.

If you feel a headache or pain in the body, you may reach for some medication. If you see a child having a tantrum, you may label them “naughty” and punish them.

Often these solutions are too simplistic because at Serpent level, you rely totally on your instinctual senses and don’t reflect more deeply on your problems at hand.

In this state, you perceive outer form and accept only the obvious, remaining blind to your true feelings and those of others. You’re devoid of rich, complex thinking, and simply act and react.

Serpent is an essential state to master, as we have to be effective in the physical world and take care of business in a practical way. But when we allow our need to survive at all costs to dominate, we’re not always so pleasant to be around and we’re in a place of reaction.

We reach for the most literal signs of security, such as being defined by how much money we have, focus on material goods, our mindsets are fixed around greed, suspicion and competition. We literally contract which closes our perspective even more.

On a collective level we amass weapons and build fences. Much of humanity has lived at the level of serpent for thousands of years.

When snakes shed their skin, they metamorphose into a new being. This is very significant as it symbolises our ability to shed beliefs and habits which we have outgrown, moving into higher spiritual energy. The ability to do this is wisdom.

While perceiving through Serpent is fundamental to operate in our physical form, in order to change our world we need to change the way we perceive a problem:

By changing our level of perception we can transform challenges into opportunities.



Jaguar represents the mind — the realm of thoughts and ideas. Jaguars are curious and inquisitive — instinct leads us to the right people and situations (or the wrong ones, if we’ve disconnected from our instinct).

Jaguar perception is associated with the mammalian brain, that of emotion and deep feelings of love, intimacy, family, caring, and compassion. Yet it’s also the brain of aggression and superstition.

The perceptual state of jaguar is associated with the second (sacral) energy centre. Located four fingers below the belly button, the sacral energy centre is home to passion, and it expresses itself through creativity and intimacy.

When in this perception we rise above the literal level and see a wider range of possibilities in any situation. Just as the mental level encases the physical, in jaguar we incorporate what we experience at serpent state.

So, if you have a headache, you’re aware of your pain, but you also ask yourself, “What could be the cause? What is my body trying to tell me?.”

You consider whether a migraine is a symptom of another type of ailment — maybe you’re taking on more responsibilities than you can handle, or perhaps you’re worried about your business or a fight with your spouse, and your body is responding by creating a headache.

You’re able to perceive much more about the situation than you would at serpent state; consequently, you’re able to think of many more solutions.

You don’t just punish the child who acts out, you make sure that they eat a healthy breakfast, play and express themselves fully before settling down to work.

You don’t just pop an anti-inflammatory — you learn to say “no” to your extra responsibilities and start expressing the anger you’ve been repressing.

Because you have so many more possibilities, you’re able to make effective changes and solve more complex issues.

The realm of beliefs, ideas, and emotions is associated with the jaguar because this type of perception can suddenly transform situations, causing them to be seen in a new light, and such a creature is the archetype of sudden change.

The jaguar spots his prey and pounces on it, quickly extinguishing its life — yet this helps keep down the population of the other animals and maintain balance in the rain forest, thus making it possible for other life to thrive in the ecosystem.

In the same way, a single insight can allow us to break free from our negative feelings or an old way of operating that’s preventing us from moving forward.



Hummingbird is linked to the sixth energy centre, or “third eye,” which is located in the middle of your forehead. This is the center where the divine resides within you and where you experience your relationship to everything and everyone — along with your awareness that you are an eternal being. When this entry centre is clogged, you can become spiritually arrogant, knowing the path but not practicing or doing the work.

An awakened third eye allows the shaman to know who they are. It gives them the knowledge of the past and future and allows them to envision alternative destinies.

Hummingbird represents the courage required to embark on an epic journey. Seemingly not built for flight, hummingbirds migrate over the Atlantic every year from Brazil to Canada.

When you feel you do not have enough time, money or know-how for what you are attempting, you can call on hummingbird to provide the courage and guidance necessary for success.

Hummingbird never loses its sense of direction or its drive to press forward, and never wonders if it has enough food or strength for its voyage.

Hummingbird’s perceptual state is that of the soul. The language of this level is image, music, poetry, and dreams — it’s the realm of myth, where the soul can experience itself on a sacred journey. In the domain of the mythic, we are all like hummingbird, on a grand voyage and yearning to drink only from the nectar of life.

At the soul level, things are what they truly are: an expression of the sacred. A house is not simply a roof over your head, it’s a home.

A spouse is not merely a person you share household and child-rearing duties with, but a chosen partner, a fellow traveler on a great journey.

In this state, you are able to understand the importance of breaking bread with others, and how your belly can never be adequately filled when others go hungry in the world.

At the level of hummingbird, you listen below the surface of conversations and hear their hidden messages. You understand illness to be the warning light that something needs your attention, and you don’t treat the symptom alone.

If you experience a migraine, you ask yourself, “What kind of healing is this headache calling me to?” It might be that you need to eat less processed foods or stop putting yourself through as much stress. It might also be that the way to cure your headache involves a larger journey.

Maybe you need to leave an unhappy relationship; perhaps it’s time to move away from the overstimulating city or create a sense of community; or you might need to let go of your disappointment in your parents and your anger at them, along with your fear that you’re becoming just like them.

You fix the headache by mending the soul. You see paths that will lead you back to health, and you undertake a healing journey. This is why visualisation is so powerful.

When you want to ensure that your future holds a desirable outcome, you need to visualise it only once from the perceptual state of hummingbird.



The fourth level of perception is Eagle, who soars above the valleys, able to see the trees, rocks, rivers, and even the curvature of the earth … yet he’s also able to spot a mouse 2,000 feet below him. His ability to see both the entire picture and a tiny piece of it at the same time are representative of the qualities of the level of spiritual perception.

Eagle brings vision, clarity, and foresight. The great wings of the eagle hold the heart, teach you to see with the eyes of the heart. Eagle allows you to rise above the mundane battles that occupy your life and consume your energy and attention.

Eagle gives you wings to soar above trivial day-to-day struggles into the highest of peaks.

In eagle, reality is 99 percent awareness and one percent matter. There is little form or substance, and the language is energy. The brain associated with this level is the prefrontal cortex, which some neuroscientists call the “God-brain.”

In eagle, there is no longer a poor person receiving bread and a rich person handing it to him – there is only Spirit nourishing Spirit. You no longer perceive yourself as disconnected from the planet or from other people; the boundaries melt away as your individual soul recognise our oneness.

When you face a difficulty, the closer you can get to the level of Spirit, the less energy you need to effect change.

Downstream, you see burnout and illness, but upstream you see your insane schedule and your patterns of soothing yourself through work which is a much easier problem to manage.

Downstream is pollution; upstream is the question of why we’re using plastic and throwing it on the ground.

Downstream is death, but upstream we see that death is not the end and that this life is to help us grow as part of a bigger journey we are all on together.

When you enter the state of eagle, you can resolve problems at their source. And you have a clear view of the bigger perspective of what really matters to you, your mortality and to the vastness of the Universe that you can sense just by looking up at the night sky.


The way out of identification (serpent into jaguar) is by owning the projection you are giving out.

The way out of differentiation (into hummingbird) is by turning it into a journey statement and asking yourself, “What do I have to learn in order to move on?”

The way beyond integration into transcendence (eagle) is to see opportunity where you once saw only problems. Indigenous wisdom allows you to do your learning within, rather than through your children, parents, spouse, and co-workers. You see lessons in every challenge that you come across.

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