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Interoception | Cultivating Your Emotions with Lisa Feldman Barrett

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2021

Do you believe that what you see influences how you feel? Actually, the opposite is true: What you feel — your "affect" — influences what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

These bodily feelings are known as interoception or in other words our interior perception.

As we continue this series in understanding the layers of our personal mastery, the next profound teacher is Lisa Feldman Barrett and she says “An emotion is your brain’s creation of what your bodily sensations mean, in relation to what is going on around you in the world.”

Dealing with our emotions is the challenge and it requires a multidimensional approach from the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels. And with that awareness that it’s multifaceted, today we are looking at the physical, or physiological, nature in which our emotions are made.

So in this video you’re going to learn:

  1. How interoception influences your brain and then how your brain develops its responses to the events in your world.
  2. What your body budget is and how you balance it.
  3. The difference between mood, emotion and affect.
  4. 3 techniques to use interoception within your life.


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Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett - https://lisafeldmanbarrett.com/

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You aren’t at the mercy of your emotions (TED Talk) https://lisafeldmanbarrett.com/2018/01/13/ted-talk-you-arent-at-the-mercy-of-your-emotions-your-brain-creates-them/

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