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Ladder of Inference | Rethink Your Thinking

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2021

Whether you know it or not, you have climbed the ladder of inference many times.

Have you ever found yourself confused at the way someone else has interpreted something you said or did, and put a meaning on it that you never intended?

Or perhaps you have found yourself enraged by someone’s comment or action, and concluded that they must be acting against you for some reason?

You have been climbing the ‘Ladder of Inference’.

We’ve been looking deeper at what personal mastery means by understanding the multidimensional layers of the physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and mindset levels.

This week we are looking at how we are led astray by our assumptions and interpretations rather than making informed decisions.

So in todays video you’re going to learn:

1. What is The Ladder of Inference?
2. Why we get stuck in our assumptions and interpretations
3. Three powerful ways to use the Ladder of Inference practically in your life


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