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Try These 3 Embodiment Practices To Get You Started (Become More Joyful and Alive)

embodiment Mar 10, 2021

For most of us today, disconnecting from our bodies and movement might feel like the only option available to us.

We privilege our thoughts and minds, without being curious about their relationship to the rest of who we are.

Doing this, we end up feeling out of balance with our ourselves, community and our world.

You’ve probably heard the term embodiment thrown around a lot lately. But what does it even mean? Don’t worry because your confusion will end with this video.

You’re going to learn:

  1. What embodiment is? 
  2. You’ll learn you why it matters more than ever?
  3. And then I’m going to teach you my top 3 practices to help you begin to embrace embodiment to be more joyful and alive. This includes a guided breath exercise so make sure you have a notebook with you for part 3.

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