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5 Steps To Free Yourself From Limiting Beliefs


If you’re like most people there are things in your life you want to change.
You may want to be healthier, you may want a different job, you may want to enjoy life more.
But what keeps happening is that you make a great start, and then something happens to halt your progress, and quite often these are self imposed limitations.
If this sounds like you then this video is for you. I’m going to teach you 5 steps to free yourself from your limitations!
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What's better for BEGINNERS? - Breath Practice vs Meditation

calming your anxiety Sep 16, 2020


What’s better for our mind… is it meditation or is it breath practice?
A discussion I hear a great deal with people starting out on developing a practice to help with their mental state.
I’m a big advocate of both and use both myself, but this has been a journey for me to get to where I am.
Which is right for YOU?
That's what I want to talk about today - so the pros and cons of both, to give you the right strategy to take back control of your nagging mind.
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