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Guided Breathwork Technique | Beginner Introduction and Breath Practice to Feel Calmer

In our attempts to keep evolving with these times, we are looking to bring more practical elements to you.

Today we bring you our second practical session diving into some basics of beginning a breathwork practice.

This is an ideal breathwork technique to reduce anxiety and feel calmer. You can do this technique when you wake in the morning, or at anytime of day when you want to feel calmer.  

In this video you will learn:

  1. How breath works and why it's so important.
  2. Brief understanding of stress and recovery.
  3. 3 Techniques to begin to reduce anxiety and feel calmer.

By practicing breathwork regularly, you will become better and better at regulating your stress response to feel calmer, healthier and more resilient to stress.

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Fit vs Healthy: What You Need To Know (Explained By An Olympic Coach)

The terms being “fit” and being “healthy” are often interchangeably used in the same category, describing an ideal state we should work towards if we value a strong quality of life. However, the terms “fit” and “healthy” are actually two different states of being by definition. Both are important to live an optimal life, where people either embrace, ignore or define to various extents and measurements.

Personally I see many people achieving great measurable levels of fitness and then assume they are healthy as a byproduct. But this is very often not the case. An example of this is where an athlete’s drive can push those who aren’t familiar with principles of physiology, to unintentionally create anxiety patterns and chronic health issues that worsen with training.

I’ve seen all sides of this topic in great detail from coaching Olympic athletes, being personally addicted to training myself and now living a...

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Energy Centres of The Body Explained (Learn What They Are and How To Clear Them)

Meditation is one of the most powerful daily practices you can do for yourself.

But meditation is a vast and very misunderstood practice in our modern western culture. For one there are just so many ways to do it which creates overwhelm for many.

I have so many people asking me how do they know if they are doing it right and that they aren’t sure of the exact benefits that they are going to receive.

Once I teach people the basic skill of keeping their attention on their inhale and exhale of each breath, I then begin to teach them about their energy centres of their body.

Here is a Guided Energy Centre Meditation ideal for beginners.

The reason I do this is because if your energy centres are blocked it can lead to significant conditions within yourself:

  1. Feeling anxious
  2. Fatigued
  3. And even lead physical disease within your body.

That’s right -  our energy body and health profoundly influence the quality of our life. From our health and wellbeing through to our...

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8 Self-Care Ideas to Practice Today

With all that’s going on right now that is affecting each and everyone of us, how are you taking care of yourself?

Do you have a plan and schedule that you follow?

Do you know what practices help you most?

Or are you just freewheeling not knowing what to do with yourself and at the mercy of news feeds and convenience food before numbing yourself out on binge TV?

We’re so busy choosing sides and placing blame on others that we forget to take care of ourselves first. In order to help others (which I know many of you want to do), we have to remember that taking care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, is essential.

Ruining our mental and physical health doesn’t help anyone.

Being strong and leading by example is what can truly help others.

So today I’m going to share with you my top 8 self care practices that I do daily.

But specifically I’m going to tell you how they make me feel and why I make them a part of my day… to give you some...

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