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Compassionate Inquiry | Defuse Your Emotional Triggers with Dr Gabor MateĢ

It’s interesting isn’t it that getting triggered is sometimes a subject of ridicule from some parts of society - Yet we all get triggered in life. 

Profound teacher Dr Gabor Mate say “we shouldn’t be ashamed of it because it’s just an acknowledgement that we’ve suffered pain.”

Dealing with our triggers though is the challenge and it requires a multidimensional approach from the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels.

Ultimately we need to get to know our self - the path to personal mastery.

Dr. Gabor Maté is highly sought after for his expertise on a range of topics including addiction, stress and childhood development.

One of the most powerful emotional tools to get to know one self is his Compassionate Inquiry.

So in this episode you’re going to learn:

  1. What getting triggered really means and how that relates to spiritual bypassing?
  2. Why our emotional underpinnings cause most of our illnesses?
  3. What is...
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Learn Why You Don't Say NO | Set BOUNDARIES Without EXPLAINING Yourself in 2021!

How often are you stuck with a decision to make?

Do you bounce between 2 options driving yourself crazy?

Maybe your default is to leave decisions to the last minute which either leads you to missing opportunities or letting people down?

Both of which hurt you most. The difference between the truly exceptional and the merely good is that the great say no to almost everything.

If the best say no, why don’t the rest of us?

The reason we don’t say no is that we are terrified it’s going to wreck things. And there are 3 things we typically do instead of offering positive and timely no’s.

I’m going to discuss these in detail and then offer you a strategy to teach you how to set your boundaries for a happy 2021.

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