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Learn all about one of the most challenging stages of personal mastery known as “the void”, what it is, the top signs you’re in the void, and what to do when you’re there.

At some point in your transformational process you come to a place that can only be called “the Void”.

If you’re a person who’s always growing you can expect this to happen many times throughout your life.

If you feel like your life is on complete pause, like nothing is moving or materialising for you, you maybe trying to get away from it by pushing and forcing movement to happen.

Although it can feel very uncomfortable at times, when you learn how to work with this phase of your journey, you’ll discover just how crucial the void is in preparing you for your future.

If this sounds like you then this video is going to help you a great deal

You’ll learn:

  1. What is the void?
  2. Biggest problem people face in the void
  3. How to know if you’re in the void
  4. What...
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What is SHADOW WORK? [5 Effective Ways To Do It!]

spiritual basics Jul 22, 2021

The term “shadow” can be intimidating for a lot of people when they first hear it. But there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the shadow and in fact, shadow work is crucial for your spiritual growth.

When going through a spiritual awakening, there comes a point where “shadow work” becomes necessary. So what is shadow work really and why are we so afraid of doing it?

Here’s what you’ll learn In this video:

  1. What is the shadow (psychology vs spirituality)?
  2. How the Shadow Affects You
  3. How to Spot The Shadow Within You
  4. 5 Practices to Integrate your Shadow


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What is Spiritual Bypassing [How To Stop Doing It!]

spiritual basics Jul 15, 2021

Spiritual bypassing is one of the biggest problems in personal mastery and spirituality today, causing many people to feel stuck in their awakening process.

Bypassing is such a common phenomenon that we’ve all probably done it without noticing.

Yet spiritual bypassing can cause major issues during your awakening process and prevent you from reaching deeper levels of awareness and living fulfilling lives.

But after watching this video, your days of spiritual bypassing will be over.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. What is spiritual bypassing?
  2. Why we bypass in the first place (2 main reasons)
  3. Signs of Spiritual Bypassing
  4. 5 powerful tips to help you avoid spiritual bypassing once and for all
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How to Perceive Lessons in Life That Will Change The Way You View the World

spiritual basics Feb 12, 2021

So many of us walk around with low self confidence, constantly afraid of stepping into our power. And this is especially true for people with a newly awakened spiritual awareness.

The reason there is such low self-confidence and personal power is because our western culture expects us to be anyone else except for our true authentic self. We walk around fragmented with different masks on depending on the situation we find ourselves in to be accepted as a perceived “normal” no-one inherently is.

Imposter syndrome, the self doubt, fraudulence are how that shows up.

This idea is so broadly accepted until we begin to know who we actually are.

But here’s a wake up call for you… it’s impossible to materialise your confidence and personal power whilst perceiving through the same lens.

Without opening up to new perspectives and wisdom.

The spiritual path can be a lonely one, yet there is a wisdom available to each of us if we choose to use it. In particular,...

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