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How To Be Consistent: 3 Steps To Make Lasting Progress

success practices Nov 04, 2020

What does it take to be successful in life?

Does it take an enormous amount of talent? Privilege? Or luck?

Certainly those elements play a role in success, no doubt about it. But if you look at truly successful people, or look at any success you’ve had in your life, can you really attribute it primarily to those three things: luck, talent, or privilege?

Or is there something else – something simpler – to achieving the success that you want in your career, business, or life in general?

Today I'm going to discuss 3 strategies to make lasting progress.

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How To Find Flow To Unlock Your Full Potential

success practices Oct 21, 2020


What does it mean when people ask if you’re living your full potential?

Would you say you’re living yours right now?

What about in the past?

Certainly there have been times in your life that you’ve had success, stood out for your talents and gifts or have felt an ease through life. But why does it seem so fleeting?

Those moments are gone before you know it, and what’s left is the inner doubt and self criticism.

What if you could learn to get into those states more often, which would give you the momentum to keep levelling up across all areas of your life?

Today I’m going to talk about exactly that - reaching and harnessing your full potential.

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