United Kingdom

With Anna Sugarman

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Tuesdays 10:50am - 11:50am

Join Anna for a fun and playful dynamic Vinyasa flow class set to music. Strength, mindfulness, grace and a good playlist... Integrate appropriate anatomical alignment, challenging sequences and intelligent transitions with creativity, enthusiasm and joy in this blissful, dynamic Vinyasa Flow.

Brighton Natural Health Centre

27 Regent St, Brighton BN1 1UL

With Richard Husseiny

Breathwork & Meditation

Wednesdays 19:30pm - 20:30pm

Breathwork – A powerful tool for managing stress. Richard leads beginners and advanced levels during this practice. This class focuses on benefitting from our bodies physiology, by increasing the oxygen levels in the blood and breathing off high amounts of carbon dioxide. Much in the same way free divers prepare. This has the effect of bringing your parasympathetic nervous system in action, which has a significant effect at easing the stress response. This is a big Flow State trigger, and with that comes the peace and clarity from a non-ordinary state of consciousness in a safe and supported environment. A perfect way to calm from the day, and prepare for a quality nights sleep.

Meditation - Following the breathwork, Richard finishes the class with a guided meditation.

Revitalise Brighton

 123 A Western Rd, Brighton BN3 1DB

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