The Lost to Liberated Blueprint specifically helps senior performance support staff who are driven to make an impact in high performance sport yet feel lost with directionstuck and pigeon holed by their identity in sport and/or burnt out from improving their athletes at the expense of themselves.

This program empowers them to open up their self awareness so they can move to a place of calm and clarity to find their personal freedom within sport or to create their own exit strategy aligned to their personal values.

What is The Lost to Liberated Blueprint?

The Lost to Liberated Blueprint is our signature program that includes an intensive online curriculum complete with lectures and actionable steps, weekly live coaching Q&A calls with Richard Husseiny, and an exclusive mastermind of supportive peers working side-by-side to help you find calm, clarity and freedom to stop the need to do more and be more so that you can be at peace with who you are.

The goal of this program is to provide you with all of the steps and support you need to feel confident and worthy to live more positively and open to accept life.

Who is it for?

This program is for performance support staff who are driven to make an impact in high performance sport yet feel are "a passenger of a train rather than driving my own direction and life." You're tired of feeling stuck in self doubt about yourself, people pleasing and having to do more and be more then this program will guide you to find your personal freedom within sport or to create your own exit strategy aligned to your personal values.


When does it start?

Next cohort begins:

Wednesday January 25th 2023

What does it include?

Members get lifetime access to our online curriculum, all updates, live calls, and private community. And you can rest assured you’ll never feel alone as you'll have a community of peers to talk to confidentially, to reflect and share the struggles and experiences you have in common to give perspective and sharing of wisdom on an ongoing basis.

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Program Overview:

Phase 1:

In phase one you will learn HOW YOU SHOW UP. You will be guided into bringing awareness into your unconscious behaviours that secretly govern the type of man you show up as on a daily basis. This will set the foundation for you to understand the specific work you are required to do to move towards where you want to get to. You will then be introduced to mind-framing that will allow you to understand your thinking process where you will master the art of self authoring your life the way you want it. You'll learn how to make your thinking process visible so that you can take the steps to acknowledge and respond to your feelings with a skillset to let go and come back to centre rather than let them react and control you.

Phase 2:

In phase two you will CREATE YOUR NEW STORY. You'll be able to see clearly where your beliefs come from and what beliefs you need to change to resolve the conflict within you. You'll have the skillset to see where you're blocked, why you're blocked and how you're going to release your blocks to get free. You'll truly understand what it is about your self esteem that you need to know to remove the expectation of being driven to continually prove yourself so you can flourish in being at peace with who you are. Lastly you'll become a master at how to say a positive no that will allow you to create and keep your boundaries so you can put yourself and your loved ones first.

Phase 3:

In phase three you will UNLOCK YOUR FREEDOM. You'll find fulfilment in understanding the direction you truly want to go by establishing your vision of a future you want that defines your hierarchy of strivings. So that you can reestablish harmony using powerful objective strategies to live aligned to your values and purpose. You'll get clear on what is a nourishing work/life balance for you, you'll know what you want to establish and what you want to experience in life and then go and experience it to strengthen connections to family and friends outside of sport. You'll be guided into deep reflection on what you want to achieve, what's worth sacrificing and what isn't to help you get perspective on what you may regret with the ability to recognise what's really genuinely important for you.

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