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Welcome to The Path To Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery is the process of living a life well lived. For each of us, this pathway begins at very different times of life. Yet we all arrive at the start at some point in this journey.

Personal Mastery and Self-leadership can be considered synonymous. As you'll see each stage has very clear characteristics that require specific focus. 

The first step for you is to see which stage most resonates for you right now in your life. This is a life's work, so it's very normal to move between stages depending where you are in life.

The path is really about your inner work and outer action, in service of a flourishing world. Living and working purposefully towards a vision, in alignment with your values and in a state of constant learning about yourself and the reality in which you exist. 

Our pathway takes inspiration from the work by Abraham Maslow and Scott Barry Kaufman.

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