Part 1: To Be a "Well" Being

Husseiny Performance is meant to represent a platform and journey to full health and wellbeing. And I use wellbeing to empower a “well” being. My belief is that the current model of healthcare is broken, ultimately it is sick care that fights disease. Rather than a system that empowers people to understand the root cause to their illness or to achieve & maintain excellent health. 


This ties in with my own experience & need for true health care with my autoimmune condition. So much conflicting and outdated advice. It’s not anyone persons fault, the system is currently set up to be far away from an optimal service. There is isolation with regards to specialist care, rather than an integrative approach across the medical, eastern & spiritual realms. To me this truly makes a “well” being.

Therefore the first part to his dream is to create a new integrative medicine model in which  physicians and patients can escape the vicious cycle of medication dependency for chronic symptom and disease management.

My goal is to provide a complete service/facility that encompasses the best of modern medicine, with the wisdom of eastern, indigenous & spiritual philosophies. To understand the root cause of the systemic stress, nutrient deficiency and hormonal chaos that underlie illness and disease, and fuels the worldwide epidemics of fatigue, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and autoimmune disease.


Part 2: Uniquely Individual End Of Life Care

The experiences of my fathers death when I was 16 & providing end of life care to my mother, showed me that there are pieces of the jigsaw we are missing in the West with regards to end of life.


I am drawn heavily towards and am aiming to create some form of clinic/retreat centre that has integrative medicine for the best end of life care possible. I see experts from western palliative care, eastern, spiritual & indigenous wisdom teachers coming together under one roof in a way that, to my knowledge, doesn’t exist in the UK/Europe right now. I'd love this to be a non-profit service for the terminally ill. This may not be for the final moments of life, as you should be able to die wherever you choose. More so to prepare yourself emotionally, energetically & spiritually.

End of life is often more difficult for family members. Creating a space for their acceptance & healing is a key facet to enabling the person dying to die how they need too. This is another area that, in my experience, is lacking in the current model.

We are more than just a physical body. End of life, in my experience, should not be consumed by the anxiety of transition, or latex gloves or medicated to a point of being unconscious. It's a time to be loved, a time to feel connection and a time to embark on the fully supported journey you need to make...


"I can offer to another human being the presence of a sacred, spacious environment. And I can offer them love. In that loving spaciousness they have the opportunity to die as they need to die."


"These bodies we live in, and the ego that identifies with it, are just like the old family car. They are functional entities in which our Soul travels through our incarnation. But when they are used up, they die. The most graceful thing to do is to just allow them to die peacefully and naturally – to “let go lightly.” Through it all, who we are is Soul . . . and when the body and the ego are gone, the Soul will live on, because the Soul is eternal." - Ram Dass 


My Mission




My mission is to employ only those medications that have a proven track record of safety, not as a lifetime therapy, but as a bridge to real health and healing through aggressive lifestyle training, stress reduction, neural and musculoskeletal healing and education.


The success of our patients will be underpinned by a network of like-minded health experts, with complementary areas of expertise including herbal, energetic, acupuncture, psychedelic therapy and body therapies that will help you revolutionise your health.



To have a project venue to make the experience of end of life a fully conscious & sacred journey. To inspire each other to live fully in the face of the universal experience of loss.


We will do this through combining the best of modern medicine with eastern, indigenous and spiritual wisdom. Bringing this pool of wisdom together, in a way that enables the care receiver to have the complete support to heal emotionally, energetically & spiritually - to have full ability to die in a way they need to do. 

The Start...

As I learnt in my previous career, visions such as an Olympic gold become reality with the first exercise, of the first morning, of the first year of the 4 year Olympic cycle...



This is my first exercise - 21 October 2019

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