Do You Know That Your Issues Around Relationships Are Hiding A Much Bigger Love?

Join us for a 3 hour online seminar where you will learn how to fulfil your potential in your relationship or open your potential to find a partner.

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Know the bigger picture of relationships

Discover what takes you away from love

Learn breathing tools to center yourself in your heart


Unlock Your Love

Do you also know that your love life is a direct blueprint of a childhood event?

That is why being in a relationship often feels like a repetition of something

Without understanding how a relationship works, our function in a relationship is insufficient to fulfil our potential as a couple or our potential to find a partner.

Knowing your wishes, longings, patterns and triggers is key to developing awareness and being able to observe your issues instead of being them.

Join Us With Relationship Expert, Spiritual Mentor and Author Chalotte Inannah Fruergaard

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About Chalotte Inannah:

Chalotte is wellknown in her field. She has 20 years of experience in the field of love and relationships. She is the author of the book “It is all about love”  and the creator of The Essence Release  Journey©️-a profound  emotional healing journey  to free  your essence of love.  She is the founder of the Sophia Institute - of awakened consciousness and a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gangaji, Ramana Marharshi amongst others.

What's Included:

In this online seminar you will see how your specific relationship is a door into a conscious relationship of love and unity.

The first key is knowing that you can’t start with your partner.

You need to start with your self.

This seminar is for everyone, who is in a relationship, has ever been a relationship or wants to be in a relationship.


The Details:

When : 9th January 2021 - Time: 10 am - 1 pm  UK time.

Place: Online on Zoom

Price: £33

Hosts: Chalotte Inannah Fruergaard, Anna Sugarman and Richard Husseiny


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